The BADE mission


     That BADE’s products inhabit the homes of everyday people with the purpose of giving them protection, security and peace of mind in knowing that they have the best product available on the market


Our History


     BADE Enterprises was born as an idea in 2019, in the wake of a pandemic, the founders of BADE decided to do something about it, after a hard work putting together a solid corporate infrastructure, BADE was born a few months later, our solid infrastructure allowed BADE to look for the best quality and safe products at the best and possible price to make it affordable for the end client amd therefore bringing success to your clients.


     Our products comply with the highest safety standards of certification agencies of the United States even, if some of our products doesn't need any government certifications, our products goes to the highest safety, hygiene and quality standards of our company we are committed to bring you the safest, hygienic and quality standards that BADE has implemented in our product sourcing.


     Now, BADE has source the best and safe PPE products and more products in different areas and fields to fulfill the market in the United States and other countries, we are proud of our work filling the needs of the American consumer and people in other countries with our variety of products in different areas.


     BADE, as well as most of our suppliers and clients, also donates to a number of charities in order that our products reach everyone’s hands in need.


     Therefore, we believe that, if you are a supplier or client, doing business with BADE and our solid infrastructure and transparency, you will be successful with yours and our products.

BADE Enterprises is committed to provide excellence in customer service and fair business with our suppliers and clients, please go to our contact page and we will respond to you. You can always count on BADE